Ultimate Zipline Course

This course is for anyone who seeks the thrill of adventure. Take a scenic tour through the Hocking Hills with friends and family making memories that last a lifetime

This is our most popular package, it’s suitable for people of all types. Look down below for more information

Whats included?

1. Two different paths to choose from
2.Guided tour from one of our facilitators
3.Training class & ropes course (this is a lower to the ground ropes course that you must complete before entering the main course to ensure safety and proper use of our equipment)
4. Go at your own pace. Our guides will adjust to the speed of your group, the average time it takes to complete the course is around 1.5-2 hours


Choose your path:
Take a path that includes high ropes obstacles or a more relaxing pathway consisting of only ziplines

What to Bring?

1. Proper Clothing. Typically athletic wear is the most appropriate
2. Closed-toe shoes, we will not accept anything else for safety reasons
3. You may bring go-pros, cameras, etc if you have the proper accessories to maneuver the course with them
4. Waiver and release forms can be signed online prior to your reservation or on the park when you get here
5. Small bags are allowed on the course if you wish to bring things along on the trip
6. Drinks are provided on the course, but you may bring personal drinks along in a small bag if you desire to

Closed-Toe Shoes

Age 10+/ 5 ft height

Sober, free of drugs & alcohol

Between 70-250 pounds

Hair tied up, no loose hair

Ability to listen and follow instructions

Signed Waiver and Release Form, All participants under 18 must have an adults signature

Ability to climb ladders